How to insert target address in the "from" field


I embedded a link to OSM with the address of my office in my web site, works well: the web page shows an icon, the user clicks it, OSM opens and shows the right address with a marker on it. Now I would like to fill automatically the “from” field with this address. I found nothing in this forum and nothing all over the web.

Can anybody help?

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You could add a link to:

Hi TZorn,

thank you for your quick answer. I am afraid this solutin is not reasonable for the customer. Imagine you want to visit me in my office, and see a number of digits in the “from” field. I believe, the customer would input the address as if the field is empty. I would like to see the “real” address if possible.

Thank you anyhow
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I probably wouldn’t try and use OSM as a “service” in the way that you seem to be trying to do. OSM’s “front page” is very much a proof of concept of the sort of things that you can do, and a service to mappers helping them to improve the map.

Presumably your customer wants to use OSM-based routing in their website, not link to If so, that’s what I’d do - investigate the routing engines used by and the other commercial alternatives, and look for an instance of them that is appropriate for you based on cost and terms of service, and embed a link to it in your customer’s site.

Seems to be the only way, tried to avoid this with my question. Ok then, thank you :slight_smile:
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