How to insert a different background image when editing maps


I would like to complete the map of Gulbene (which is one small city in Latvia), with the buildings, shops, parks, etc… But the images of Bing maps are with very bad quality. I found this website where the quality is good.
Do you know how can I use the orthophoto of Gulbene to put in the Openstreetmap to help me to complete the map? :slight_smile:

First thing is to check the licence. That aerial imagery is copyright, so you need to check if it is available under a licence compatible with the OSM licence. Or get specific permission to use it for tracing in OSM.
See this page:

Hi gringoSA!
First of all, you must be sure that you are allowed to use the ortophotomap from this website as a background while mapping - read the license and check it. If there is a permission for the data usage, the most convenient way to do it, is by WMS Services. I suppose that Latvian Geoportal has a WMS address (or addresses), that you can use to connect with the service and choose what data you exactly want to see. If you are a JOSM user, then in Settings window (F12) you can find a bookmark with “WMS TMS” icon containing the list of available WMS services. Just add Latvian Geoportal WMS address there and enjoy mapping. Because I don’t know Latvian at all, you have to find this address on your own.
By the way, I can see there are four WMS services with aerial imagery from Latvia currently available in the predifined list in JOSM - maybe one of them would be sufficient to your needs.

Thank you a lot for the information. If in this website is difficult I need to find another resources.

I have the same problem but thanked the problem has been resolved successfully