How to import history extract

I’m trying to import the history extract for Brazil (available at into Postgresql/Postgis in order to run some estimates on the progress of the mapping (lengths of named and unnamed streets over time, etc).

As far as I know, I should use the osm-history-renderer (

I tried following the tutorial ( but could not make the installation work, as the installation instructions are based on Ubuntu 12.04. I tried installing it on several versions of Ubuntu (12.04, 14.04, 15.10), but could not make them work properly.

Some of the necessary packages seemed to have changed names or matured from source to more consolidated packages, available via apt-get.

I’m a beginner in Linux and the spatial packages. Could someone help me update the tutorial so osm-history-renderer (or some other solution to import those files into PostgreSQL/PostGIS) can run on newer versions of Ubuntu (preferably 16.04, as from April 21st this will be the most up-to-date LTS version for a while) and Postgresl9.5/Postgis2.2?

Lucas Mation