How to import data from an xls?

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I am new to OSM and I am trying to import data from an xls. file with supplier addresses. The legends of the points should display the names and addresses from the Excel columns.
How can I integrate the points?
Is it necessary to convert the addresses into GPS coordinates so that the points are positioned correctly?
Is it possible to give me a step by step process?

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Are you aware of Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki ?

Have you discussed this potential import?

Hi! thanks for your reply.
No, not yet.
I have permissions to import datas I’m trying to add on my map but addresses don’t appear in the right places. Is it because I have to geocode all of it before I import?

To put it bluntly, no, you won’t be allowed to do this yet. If you have to ask, you very likely haven’t been aware and followed the guidelines (including documentation, and discussions), nor experienced enough to do this with the required knowledge and skills. You still need to list out what your license is exactly on a wiki page, because you or them can get it wrong.
Please understand it’s very easy to cause damage by importing, including duplicating or overwriting accurate data. Please discuss and ask for help in your local community first.


As it stands now you do NOT have permission from OpenStreetMap community to make this import

Please, read and follow linked rules

Are you trying to import the points to the live OSM database, where they will be available to all users of the database?

Or, are you only aiming to display these points on a stand-alone map with an OSM background?

The answers you have already received about following import guidelines refer to the 1st approach.

But you refer to displaying a legend for the points in a certain way. The display of the data is a separate issue - each user of OSM data displays data in its own way. That made me wonder if what you are really looking for is a tool to simply display your own map without adding data.


Only display on a stand-alone map with a background. The requirements are the same in that case?

No, it is entirely different.

You can display whatever you want using osm map as background and you are not limited by rules guiding imports into OSM database

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Ok, then this is actually a general GIS question, and not directly relevant to OSM. You still to explain what setup, service, software, library, framework, etc, you are using. What is the supplier’s data format. What is the purpose, on where do you want to show the map.
It’s not a must / the only option to use OSM data to convert the address into coords (geocoding). You could do it with other services (whether eg Esri, or something with OpenAddresses), and show them on an OSM-based map background (basemap). What country or specific location are you working on? The government may even have an API, or a dataset. We can explain the OSM data quality there to you.


The best answer to this will depend on what you actually mean. A “map” might be something on paper, something displayed in a web page, or something else again. The answer in each case will be different.

If you mean “… on a web page …” then umap might be useful, but again, it depends…


Yes, as long as you do not publish it, or if the layers do not interact. But if you combine OSM data with other data in a way that one dataset has influence on how you display the other, and you publish the results, then you have to follow some obligations from the license.
Here you can find more information: