How to implement O. S. M. to a HTML Form using Netlify?

Hi to everyone!

I’m a Beginner Web Developer who is starting to use JS. Currently I’m trying to implement OSM to an HTML form.

The way I’m trying to implement is this:

It’s a Contact details form that has the basics: Name, some more options and Address.
Below Address input it’s where I’m to implement OSM, but this is the thing… I want the user to Look in the map and Select his current address, and when it’s done submit it.

I’m using Netlify as hosting, as they have headacheless tools for forms… In the Form Dashboard from Netlify I want to have the Field “Map Address” or something similar that contains the latitude and longitude that the user selected previously.

It’s that possible? Looking for tips, how-tos or something that can point me in the right direction.

Thanks you very much!