How to I change the default from meters to feet?

Newbie here. Although I am comfortable working in MKS, on my USA website I’d like the elevations shown in feet. Is that possible?



Seems you ask in the wrong forum, this one is about OSM. Or maybe you should explain more detailied what you do, what you expect and what you get instead.

My question is about OSM, This is the OSM screen, all the elevations are in meters… How do I show them in feet?

On the standard map at you cannot change the elevation display units. That is basically hard coded into the rendering style sheets that are used to generate the map tiles.

If you are rendering your own map, then it is pretty easy to convert from the OSM internal units of meters to feet, you can even do it in your SQL select statement which is what I do when making my personal hiking maps.

The only plug-and-play map I’m aware of that shows contours in feet is Esri WorldTopoMap, and even that one’s only for the USA, and not based on OSM, as I understand.

I’m sure they’ll have a plan that meets your needs. :slight_smile:

MapBox has a lot of OSM-based offerings; something in their catalog might help. Good luck.

BTW, OSM isn’t in the business of providing free tiles for websites. It’s about free-as-in-speech (not free-as-in-beer) raw data. I trust you knew that. ( shows contour heights for the US in feet.

Thank you all. I appreciate it. And, I do understand licensing.