How to Host OpenStreetMaps on Windows


We are using a Map webpart ,which will render using,However I would like to host them on a windows server,instead of connecting to OpenStreetmaps data in internet,so the webpart will connect to the server and render the maps

May I know the steps to set up OpenStreetMaps Data,on a windows server which is in our intranet?

Thanks in advance


I do not know if those programs are available for Windows. You could use a virtualized Linux machine for that purpose; tools for virtualizing computers are e.g. VMWare and VirtualBox.

If you can read some instructions in German, than have a look at

He describes how to run a database containing the OSM data, and how to render maps from it, both with windowsXP.

Maybe you can use google web page translator, or write a mail to user:ajoessen, or a question at his wiki-discussion page.