How to get to know your city

A great feature would be the ability to get to know your city. Let me explain.

So you are new to a big city. Maybe you don’t have friends yet or been to the same places over and over. Your routes are similar. You go one route to work, one route to the place you do sports, one route to the zoo.

Maybe you’ve been living in your city for dozens of years, yet. But you don’t know many parts of it.

With a new feature this can be changed.

What I fancy is a feature which works like this:

  1. You enter a gps-coordinate, be it via street name or directly.
  2. You enter a period of time
  3. You press go.
  4. OSM is now looking around this coordinate and is planning routes. Routes which fulfill the following:
    4.1 Walking time(or bike driving time) is less than the period of time entered
    4.2 If possible, same paths are avoided
  5. You get an array of routes in GPX format or similar. Then you put those on your gps - device.
  6. You can make it a habit of going out each day for say 1 hour to get to know your city. And having done this a few times, you should know your city better than most other people.

Isn’t this awesome? Yes it is.


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