How to get quickly all nodes from ways and relations from planet?

Hi, I want to convert all relations and ways to nodes for the complete planet. I tried


from osmconvert but after some times it interrupts with not enough memory although I set


As I understand splitting the planet in smaller parts, then convert to nodes and later merge together will result in redundant nodes.

So now I’m trying to filter first all nodes, then all ways and then all relations. Subsequently convert the ways and relations to nodes and then merge all together.

But I did not understand the manual of osmfilter. If I e.g want to filter only ways as with osmosis,

CALL %OSMOSIS% --rbf %PLANET% --tf reject-relations --wkv keyValueList=%KVL1% --used-node --wb %PATHEX%\ways.pbf

How can I achive this with osmfilter?

I tried

CALL %OSMFILTER% %PLANET%\district.o5m --keep-ways="name= and website=" --drop-relations= --drop-ways-relations= -t=R:\TempOsmconv -o=%PLANET%\district_ways.osm -v=2

but then I have still tags inside? What I’m doing wrong?

I think you need to explain to us what you’re trying to do. Do you really want a node representation of every single way and relation, regardless of tags, relation memberships, etc.? I can’t see how that would be useful. If that’s indeed what you’re looking for, can you explain to us why you need it? There may be a better way to accomplish your goal.

You are right! I now first filter and then convert the result to nodes and it works for me. Thxs…