How to get pubs recognised in Food & Drink search

Using JOSM, I choose the preset Food+Drinks to add the details of a pub. This gives Key=amenity, Value=pub, plus name. I note that using ‘Food & Drink’ in the menu of my Garmin Legend HCx does not return any pubs from uploaded OSM data (I am currently using the .img file in a selection of tiles from Lambertus). At first glance, it appears that what places are returned are restaurants, a category also in JOSM’s Food+Drinks preset list. How then to enable pubs to be returned? Certainly two amenity entries for the same node are not permissable, and it would seem silly to have two nodes for the same establishment or to give a pub a restaurant value alone.

On my Garmin pubs are showing up under the entertainment category rather than food.

My understanding is that Lambertus is using mkgmap to convert the OSM data into IMG files. The default style in mkgmap allocates ammenity=pub to the garmin code 0x2d02 (which is bars), and I guess Garmin then puts bars under entertainment rather than food. If you wanted to change the category then you’d need to run mkgmap and create a new style (or edit the default) and allocate ammentiy=pub to one of the dining codes (eg. 0x2a00).

A list of garmin codes can be found at:

I thank you for your explanation; I have much to learn about the manner in which various elements affect the final content, structure and appearance of the original OSM data to which I contribute. I guess there are too many forms of final output for us to know always that our assigned keys and values are the most appropriate for the end user.