How to get POI data and process the information


I have just started looking and researching into OSM, but I could not find any real tutorial on how to get POI and integrate them on the map using Android.

I have read it will be possible to have the POI in offline mode, is that true?
There should be some parsing to do be done.

I look forward to hearing from you, I hope I am not just asking something already widely talked; I have used search engines for quite some days and I did not find straight forward information about the topic.

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What map application do you mean? There are several Android apps available. I know Osmand has many POI’s available offline but there are more. See

I am using osmdroid.jar
I am going to develop the application, so I am checking around how to get the POI both online and offline. I have read that I should download them and convert them into CVS, is that true?
If so, where do I find a good tool for converting the .osm into a valid CVS? Or do I really need to convert it?

They should be here:

Maybe it’s best to ask your questions in the development section. I do not know of any tool to convert OSM data into CVS (or CSV??) but maybe there are.

Cheers PeeWee

You should go through this link once.
Hope this helps.

Or you can use OSMLib to convert from .osm format to various sorts of CSV formats.