How to get moderation on edits in Sweden?

There is someone that jumps on my edits in Sweden, right after I committed one, and often while I am still working in that same area. Of all of Sweden, he insists on jumping on that very same small area, at that very same time.

This is terribly annoying, as he immediately changes my work, it creates conflicts while I am still working, and even corrupts the results.

I repeatedly asked him to stop doing that, and at least wait first. But he just continues. He seems to have nothing else to do.

How can I get help? Someone telling him to stop this behaviour, or even reverting his changes when he messed up.

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Do you have an example of edits where this has happened? It might help give insight into the issue.

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Were you in contact with the mapper before?

Maybe it’s a mapper who watches “their” area for any changes.

Maybe they thought you made some mistake earlier and they put you on their “watch list”? With OSMCha it’s quite easy to follow single mappers around.

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Just check out my latest commits in the BĂĄven-area (Sparreholm), and see his immediate follow ups. Right from the start.

My latest works has been corrupted by him. Particularly here:

And as I said, I repeatedly asked him to stop & wait.

It’s just fanatical.

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Can you link a changeset of said user where something you changed got changed by that user?


Andy from the DWG here. Unfortunately, I suspect I know who you might mean - we have had a couple of complaints already.
Please drop an email to or report the user in OSM.
Best Regards,

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Thanks Andy,

That is what I was looking for, I did not know this existed.

Done so, created a report.

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In addition.

  • He does add useful edits, one could say: expanding on my work. Going into massive, but maybe inappropriate, detail.
  • But the aggressive way seems intended to overwrite anything someone else, or me in particular, makes to start with.
  • I just read a reply from him that states that he has to, because my work is no good.
  • Bottom line is that he is interfering my work in an unpractical and unpleasant way.
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Thanks. That hasn’t reached us yet, but I’m sure that the admins will pass it across shortly. I won’t do anything until they do.

Edit: (2 days later) report still not in our list yet…

I looked at some changes by BertMule, which has Bing as image reference. Bing is not the best image reference in Sweden, because we have “Lantmäteriet” here, which also mostly have the most current images.

Bing can be used, but must be calibrated against the “Trafikverket” layer. Maybe this calibration wasn’t done properly. Because the “other user” comments says “position adjustment” with Lantmäteriet as reference.

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But the Lantmäteriet aerial photos are not licensed to use for OSM, are they?

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user @BertMule (user) is refering to me. In cs Changeset: 132151958 | OpenStreetMap I commented: “Don’t use highways as outers for landuse or in this case water! We are not doing this sort of thing in this country.
Especially not when - as in this case - the highway is on a bridge over the water(s). Water and highway are in different spatial dimensions!”

Subsequently I repaired the multipolygon (not just outers, but even inners which were in wrong mp). I investigated the area and found a lot of things which had been done sloppyly - not just by user - and could be done better.

Up to this day user has not respondet to my comment, but has sent me some pm in which he ordered me not to edit in what user thought of being user’s own area. In one pm user sugested that I should use my imagination and look for another area where I could edit. In not one single comment or pm user was concerned about edits or aspects of these. User was only intrested of carving out some exclusive area of user’s own.

I was not aware that this sort of behavior is ok on osm.

Regarding the correctness and quallity of my edits - ante and post - there are plenty of ways to check this.

With respect, where there have have been disagreements and reports of “this sort of behaviour” in Sweden previously, the common factor is you. Here your comment “Don’t use highways as outers for landuse or in this case water!” comes across as more than a little rude. You have been asked to change your attitude in this regard; it looks like that that hasn’t happened.

That said, it is perfectly OK to offer advice to other mappers, or make changes to the way that they have mapped something to improve the accuracy of something. There are ways of communicating how to do things better that don’t start with a command and end with an exclamation mark. It looks from this that you haven’t said much to BertMule in changeset comments (and as an aside, I think it would help if he replied to some more of the previous comments from the Netherlands too).

It’s also common courtesy if someone is working in an area (especially one with lots of connected multipolygon relations) to not jump in and “correct” things until they’ve finished, since it’ll just cause confusion with object versions.

Best Regards,

Andy, from OSM’s Data Working Group

That’s the way that all of OpenStreetMap is made - everything is built on everything else. I hope this thread has been useful - people explaining what imagery is the best to use in Sweden, and also why having landuse glued to roads (and linear waterways such as streams) is generally considered a bad idea.

Maybe it would be worth asking other people in Sweden to have a look at your edits (I guess you could just ask in this forum - I don’t think that the traffic would be too much).

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@SomeoneElse “Here your comment “Don’t use highways as outers for landuse or in this case water!Here your comment “Don’t use highways as outers for landuse or in this case water!” comes across as more than a little rude.””. I beg your pardon, but this was not the grievance of the user. It is you who are about to shift the discussion.
I do not know what you percieve as rude “… more than a litle rude.” in this centence. Is it the use of the exclamation-mark (which as yet is an acceptet token i western alphabets)? I used the mark to stress an important point. Is the excamation-mark canceled in osm? Or is it the sentence construction (I am a non english speaker)?
If I were intentionally rude I WOULD DO SO IN QUITE ANOTHER WAY.
With all due respect Mr. Townsend, I have conveyed to you at an earlier time that you might inform yourself of the concept of bias (bias in the legal sense). Is your reference (above) to Blocks on archie | OpenStreetMap (by a member of the DWG!) in an open forum to be perceived as a threat? Or rather an ackknowledgement that you do not care about bias? I percieve your acting as puzzling and most peculiar.

Lantmäteriet allows individual OSM users to use the orthophotos but does not allow it to be included in editors without payment.


Many of us know the history of bans and discussions regarding @archie. We also know that many of those issues were resolved for the better. We also know he has strong opinions on many aspects of Swedish OSM. Perhaps the comments he writes could be more conciliatory, but everyone is different. Not everyone can be super diplomatic.

However, I also know that @archie has a good grasp on data creation for OSM, so when he claims that the “user” has made some poor choices when creating data in Sweden I am more than willing to listen to his arguments about why he sees it that way.

The real issue here seems to be that they have differing views on how to correctly create information in OSM. Because it is quite difficult to dig into OSM and see what has happened in this type of situation I would have liked to see links and/or screenshots to certain edits that @archie disagrees with. I think it would be quick and easy for the rest of us to agree or disagree.

The real problem seems to be the way the differences are resolved up until now. Essentially a tagging war followed by a chat war :slight_smile: I think we can all agree that this type of situation is counterproductive.

Preliminarily, it seems like @BertMule makes poor edits and @archie makes poor comments :roll_eyes: Let’s hope we can resolve this in a way that lets @BertMule continue his contributions to the map in a way that is satisfying to everybody.


If you look at list of discussed changesets of @BertMule you will see he hardly ever give any response to changeset comments.

Just some examples from his latest changesets:

The list of unanswered comments by@BertMule is much longer then the few examples above. I think this behaviour is not acceptable. (Much worse then some harsh comments by @archie.)

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I totally agree with that. I say the same about boundaries too. I don’t want them sharing nodes with anything else because it complicates everything else unnecessarily.

I prefer to filter out everything else when working on them.

I actually don’t know if this is a commonly agreed policy in Sweden or not.

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Är det här dokumenterat i wikin?

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