How to get Location using hebrew address (not only at chrome)

hi all!
I’m a newby to programming and thus i suspect i’m missing here some elementary detail…
I’m trying to build some simple interface there user will put address in hebrew and the map will be centered on the found location.
I’m using following code:

var cloudmade = new CM.Tiles.CloudMade.Web({key: 'MY-KEY'});
var map = new CM.Map('map', cloudmade);
    var street=encodeURIComponent("מבוא גולי קניה");
var city=encodeURIComponent("ירושלים");

   var url=""+
	function(response) {
			southWest = new CM.LatLng(response.bounds[0][0], response.bounds[0][1]);
			northEast = new CM.LatLng(response.bounds[1][0], response.bounds[1][1]);
			map.zoomToBounds(new CM.LatLngBounds(southWest, northEast));

Then i use chrome it works, but not in other browsers…

Please help
Thanks forward for solutions…

On the first page of (
you can see:

Thanks, but i cant expect from user to knew how to configure his browser-
May be i’m wrong but i think there must another way to send the unicode character request…