How to get location of a specific object by name

I’ve mapped and still do mapping of waterways in NL. Yet because of better knowledge I d’like to check and remap previous mapped objects. Is there any way to search OSM by name of an object?

I’ve tried taginfo yet it just lists tags which might be wrong but not where they are. Is there any way to search by name?

Something like this?:

Something like that. Yet doesn’t find object “Schooldraai” (should be a waterway under a bridge) in the search field.

You need to adjust the bbox (e.g. by zooming out the map on the overpass webpage):
You can also define “Netherlands” as the search area:

I found 1 object: but this is tagged as a seamark:bridge* not a waterway…

[edit:]Link added

Perfect. With the wizard it works fine. Thanks