How to get a layer like cyclemap - Outdoor into basecamp?

The open cycle map contains path information I have not been able to find anywhere.
This map is not downloadable?

Does anyone know if I will get the same result by following these guide or what do I have to do?

This is what I am after

The svn repo
was last updated in 2009, so it would be surprised if this still works.

Are you intrested in highlighted cycle routes or do you want a map which is specilized on bicycle routing?

In this case the marked paths does not allow bikes and I want to create a route avoiding them. That is the thing, it is not bike specific but needed anyway to create a bike route. (it is the city running paths in the example above. Not only off limits but heavily trafficked).

I had resigned to adding them manually to basecamp but I noticed on RWGPS that this layer has exactly what I need.

Maybe brouter is an alternative for you:
I don’t know if it uses the marked ways or not but it is highly configurable.
A Garmin map (for Basecamp) with special routing avoidances probably requires mkgmap with a custom style.

Brouter has the exact same info but nicer looking. In the hiking overlay.
I dont see any layers or such in basecamp.

It is more about visual information rather than routing.

I did consider going down the mkgmap rabbit hole but I probably better just spend 30 minutes drawing it in manually in basecamp and be done with it.
For the moment at least it is just in this very small area I need it.