How to get a City name to affect an entire suburb?

Hi all,

I had posted this in the Q&A forum, but they suggested I post here also, as this may be something specific to U.S. counties and suburbs.

We are trying to map locations in the Marietta, Georgia suburb of West Hampton. According to Google Maps and the Zip Code lookup the area is officially part of Marietta, but if you search OpenStreetMap you can only find streets and addresses by using West Hampton GA instead of Marietta GA.

The area is outside of Marietta’s administrative boundary set up in OSM, but that same boundary shows on Google Maps without a lookup issue outside of it.

It was also pointed out that the Marietta admin boundary is incomplete, but even if I “closed it off”, West Hampton would be outside of it.

Since I cannot search for “West Hampton GA” in Google Maps I’m wondering if I should just delete that Hamlet from OSM…would the area just “fall into” Marietta’s purview then? Or do I need to extend Marietta’s administrative boundary? That boundary was imported from TIGER so I’m loathe to do that, plus I’m not sure how to do that because it’s so big.

Or is there another way to do this? I tried adding an is_in:city of “Marietta” to West Hampton’s node, as well as adding Marietta to its general is_in value, but it’s not having any effect.

Thank you for your attention,

Jim Allison
Development Project Lead
SpeedLine Solutions Inc.

Ultimately I believe the damaged admin boundary is the cause of this, but fixing it is beyond our ability; it’s a horrible mess.

In the end we selected the entire area (Ctrl-click-drag) and set addr:city=Marietta on all objects within the West Hampton area. On a spot check most did not have an addr:city value so we weren’t overwriting much. Now it works.