How to fix grassland within wood rendering incorrectly

Some grassland areas within a natural wood multipolygon still render with trees over them. The forest is set as outer and the grass as inner. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Here’s one of the specific areas in which this happens, for reference:

Because the outer polygon has a “landuse=forest” tag on the polygon itself (not in the relation). It is also causing trees to be shown on top of the parking area a bit to the north east as well.

The landuse=forest tag was originally intended to be used for areas where trees were grown for commercial purposes (lumber, paper, etc.). If that is a recreational area as suggested by a trail through it being named “GSC Nature Trail” then that tag is probably not appropriate.

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You have to remove the wood/forest attribute from the outer line and leave/put it only to the multipolygon.

This worked perfectly; thank y’all for your suggestions!

Also, I changed it back to natural wood; I only learned the difference after I’d tagged that.