How to fix a (probably) badly connected bridge ?


OSM newbie here.

Back from vacations with OSMAnd+ as only GPS source, I’m pretty satisfied but spotted a few places that could be improved.
One of them is at (Exit 44 of Ma-15 in Mallorca, Spain).
While driving westbound from Manacor to Palma, the app told me to take the Ma-15 while I already was on the Ma-15. I expected it to keep silent, like it did for all other similar exits.
Now taking a look at the map, I notice that the bridge is here perfectly described (contrary to most other exits that just ignore the fact that the highway is actually a bridge at the crossing).
This seems to “break” the highway in two (?), causing the GPS to uselessly re-issue instructions.

Is this diagnosis correct ? How can I fix the situation ?

Any help or advice is welcome.

Best regards,


Sorry, your problem is not clear to me:

tell us on what lane you have been driving exactly.

Tell us what route you have as result from Osmand offline routing.

Is your routing reproducable by Osmand’s route simulation feature?

Tell us what Osmand gave you as instruction, and tell us what you would have expected as instruction.

I took a look at that area with JOSM and did not see an obvious issue with the connections or tagging on the ways.

In California I’ve noticed OsmAnd consistently gives me strange routing in two places while north bound on I-5. I’ve checked both places using JOSM and see no problems either. And when I tried the offline routing simulation in order to generate a report for the OsmAnd team I found the offline routing worked.

So I can say that there are some things between OSM data and OsmAnd routing that I don’t understand. :frowning:

You have simply pointed out to me that similar situations occur elsewhere too.