how to find ways with attribute: merging traffic or lane narrow


i want to use some tools e.g. overpass-turbo to find some ways in Japan with the attribute: merging traffic or lane narrow, but don’t know how. Can somebody help me.

thanks in advance.

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First you have to find out what OSM tag you want exactly.

See the OSM wiki about to come near the right tags.

aybe also is a starting point.

Or can you tell us a way number (OSM element Id number) that already has the tag(s) you are looking for?

The tag you might be looking for is turn:lanes with “merge_to_left” or “merge_to_right” as part of it’s value.
You might get some inspiration from

You can also search for uses of a particular tag or value bu using . Enter e.g. something in the search box at the top right, click on the value that you’re interested in, and then click “Overpass turbo” at the top right.

There doesn’t seem to be much use of “turn:lanes” or “merge” values in Japan though - you might want to try and find a local example and see how someone has mapped it.

For completeness, there are also the country-specific “taginfo” sites listed here:

Hi guys,

Thank you for your help. i will try your proposals.