How to find out who worked on which nodes?

I have been working extensively in the Maharashtra region of India, and I find many, many, randomly and wrongly drawn roads.
I would liek to identify the original creator, and try, first of all, to convince the person to correct it (politely, of course).

Of course if that doesn’t work, I will try to correct it myself, or ask a willing contributor.

(many of the highways are drawn randomly, not following the real roads, driving through lakes, dams, jungles etc, towns are marked where non exist etc)

There is a checkbox in the top right corner of the window, where you can choose the rendering style of the map using Below the listed styles there’s an option to show the map data. Then you will be able to select the road in the map window and see its history. If you use JOSM for mapping, it’s possible to check it in the history window.

see the OSM wiki about … subsection “Monitooring Tools”

Like JakubS, I suggest using the data layer. There is also a wiki page which explains how to use it in a bit more detail:

The monitoring tools are useful if you want to watch what is currently happening in an area, but for already existing data the data layer is my first tool choice.

thanks for the replies! The data layer option is fantastic!