How to find out which changeset added a specific member to a relation

Dear fellow mappers,

I’ve recently cycled a designated cycling route and have found out there were a few mistakes in the routing (Rur-Ufer Radweg). Many of those I have already corrected.
There is one rather large change which I’m now doubting whether to perform. As far as I could find the Rur-Ufer Radweg passes the Rursee only on the North/Western shore of the lake, but in the relation also the ways along the South/Eastern shore of the lake are included, even nicely with forward/backward roles.
At the southern fork I am 100% sure that there are no signposts marking the route going along the South/Eastern shore because I got a bit lost while enjoying the scenery so I had to find out the signage. The northern fork however I am not sure of the situation.
Hence my solution would be to get into contact with the person who originally entered the members along the South/Eastern shore to the relation and discuss.

But how to find out? Looking at the history in JOSM it is possible to see the members of the relation in the different versions, but with 449 changesets altering the relation, it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Does anybody know a better way?


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I’d normally use something like OSM Deep History , but unfortunately your relation is a bit big for that. Overpass suggests that your relation has been like that for 10 years though, so whoever added it might have forgotten why :slight_smile:

Obviously you can adjust the date on that overpass query to see the state at various times in the past.