How to find an exact position in JOSM ?

OK, i admit that it is a Wikimedia Commons issue. Hopefully they look sometimes at this thread . :wink:
Also, next to those 2 coordinates (**Camera location **and Object Location), because several smarthphones/camera’s have a compass already build in, there could also been a visible info about the ‘Direction’ (or Bearing) the picture is taken (T for True North, or M for Magnetic North) . Even ‘Altitude’ could be added, because some ‘gadgets’ and garmins already have this ability. :stuck_out_tongue:

During upload you can fill it in. Perhaps when nothing is specified, they do not show it afterwards

I changed all in ; boundary=marker and added historic=yes →
and going to do all the the other (historic)boundary markers also like that .
There should be also a key:boundary=marker on this wiki page in my opinion.

JOSM==>more tools, lat long tool. I fill in the coordinates on a new layer, ok, then select the elements to search on the world, making red. where it is, zoom in. copy it to the other layer and fill in the tags.
If it is the Dutch border you can use, the ESRI Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland hillshade ruw Layer ( get a personal licence, free), if the boundery_marker is not under the trees, you can line out.
but it is not descripted there, the lat lon tool