How to extract seamarks?


I’m currently trying to download all seamarks of the UK. They are visible when I download smaller areas into JOSM as well as in OpenSeaMap of course. My aim is to convert them to SHP eventually with all the attributes assigned to them.
Problem is that the areas I’m interested in are not available as OSM download from OpenSeaMap, just Garmin IMG files that I can’t load into any GIS tool without loosing the type information.

Neither are there any seamarks in the OSM files if I download areas from the OSM website directly, nor in any of the dumps/extracts (even including Planet OSM).

Does anyone have an idea how to bulk download seamarks without having to download innumerable small snippets into JOSM?


Are you suggesting that data which you can download from the OpenStreetMap database into JOSM is missing from the planet files? Theoretically, that shouldn’t be possible unless the data was added after the creation of the most recent planet.

What tool are you using to view the planets? Is it possible that it does not import and/or display all information from the planet file?

That was a good hint, thank you!
I tried to open the file in GlobalMapper, which seems to skip all marine points. It works however perfectly well in Quantum GIS.