How to extract OSM(PBF) data for the entire country Of USA

I have the following project requirements :

Create a database of zip codes, latitude & longitude for the country of unites states.
I wanted to get this data from OSM(PBF Format ).

My concerns/queries:
When I used to extract US data, I got an error message that “Area too large” , when I selected the US country in the map.
When I used to extract data, I did not get OSM files for the entire country of the United States of America. However, I got data for subregions such as Central America,North America , South America.

I wanted to extract OSM (PBF) data for the entire country of United States which contains the following data :

Zip code
Street address

Can anyone help me with this?

What is your problem here? Do you have a working process but not the wanted input file? In that case you might want to download planet.osm.pbf, see
For me it sounds more like you have no idea what information you have to extract. In that case you should be more specific what you want to do with the data.

Crosspost of ?

I wanted to extract the OSM (PBF ) file for only the country of united states of America .
I wanted to know if this OSM file would contain all the zipcodes in america , their corresponding latitude and longitude information.

It would take a long time to download the entire planet from

Can you help me with this .

Hmm, you can extract objects which have a zipcode but I think in the USA the zip codes are not mapped as such. In Germany you have polygons which have postal_code, so all objects inside that polygon would have the same postal_code unless they have there own tag.
Such a polygon is a list of nodes and each node has a latitude and longitude.
I think in the USA there are no such polygons, so you might want to compute them somehow. As a starter try this overpass query
Note that some areas are poorly mapped while others look quite complete.

The TIGER data seem to be a more complete source of zip codes in the US. I have no idea, though, how easily they are extractable for your purposes. Nominatim (the search engine on uses that data to supplement OSM data.

Goto and fetch those 6 “Special Sub Regions” listed at the bottom.


Better: fetch a small area (e.g. Delaware for testing. Just 9.4 Mb :slight_smile:

Thanks Walter …Will download the same.