How to erae incorrect information on the map?

I am registered with OSM and have indicated that one of the condo names, “Loi Lana Heights” shown on the map of 39 Mount Sinai Rise (Singapore) is incorrect. How can I get that erased from the map?
Thank you.

The fastest way is to create yourself an account and correct it yourself. Please don’t just erase it, but rather change it to the correct name and include a source, so that other people can see how you got the name and check it.

If the error was introduced recently, you should probably also add a changeset comment, to inform the mapper of their error.

A much slower way is to to add a map note. If doing so, please indicate how people can verify the corrected information, preferably by means of signs that are visible from public land, but definitely not from any map or gazetteer that is subject to copyright and doesn’t have an approved licence.

The object we are talking about is

The name has had a confused history, but the last change added a fixme=name tag, as well as the current name, indicating that there was a probable problem with the name.

Prior to that, it had the, invalid, name “39”.

When it first had names and addresses added, it was “Fontana Heights”, but that is now the name on the whole estate

If by “registered”, you mean you already have an account on the the main site, follow the first link above, then:

Click edit.

Either: select the current name, and type in the correct name, then, if necessary open up “all tags”, then click “+” and add “source:name” in the first column and how you determined the correct name in the second (use “local_knowledge” if you live locally and it is common knowledge, or “survey”, if you went out and checked in person.

Or: click the dustbin against the name, if you are sure that there is no name for the building.

Then, if you corrected the name, or you are sure that that it does not have a name, click the dustbin against “fixme”

Finally click save and provide a comment that identifies the building and says that you either deleted or corrected and name, and explaining the reason you are sure the old name is wrong and whether you think there is still a name to be found. If you removed the fixme, also note that you did that.

Note, looking more closely, it seems there is only one building on the estate, so the name should be on the estate, and the building should be unnamed. Also there are some quite bad alignment errors. The building and the estate boundary seem to be misaligned by about 30m relative to Bing and, the surrounding roads, the sports pitch and the water feature. I can’t say which is more accurate, but the general policy is that the local relationships should be correct, even if it turns out that they are not in their correct WGS 84 (“GPS”) positions.