How to enter Roundabouts to existing way


i have an existing way and i need to enter in the middle of that way Roundabouts
how i split this way and enter the new Roundabouts, and then connect it again?


First - Welcome to OSM!

Decide where you want the roundabout.
If there’s no point in the way in that location - Create one using CTRL+LeftClick.

Select the point and click ‘x’. Now the original way is split into 2 new smaller ways.

Select the connecting point, and you’ll be in add-to-way mode.
Click DELETE, and the last section of the way will be deleted.

Add a point if necessary.

Now the 2 smaller ways are not connected anymore, and you can draw the roundabout.

Nase VeTehane. :slight_smile:


If there is an existing intersection (a red square node with a black line around it), you can disconnect the intersecting ways by selecting the node and pressing Shift+J. Now drag the node with your mouse, and you will see that the intersection has been disconnected.

So I usually do the following:

  1. Select one way
  2. Select the intersection node
  3. Press ‘x’ to break the way into two parts at the intersection
  4. Repeat 1-3 for any other intersecting ways at the node where I want to have the roundabout
  5. Select the intersection node (now one node with many ways)
  6. Press Shift+J to create one node per way at the intersection
  7. Drag the new nodes a bit farther from the roundabout
  8. Draw a new way that will become the roundabout, connecting the edge nodes of all the ways around it
  9. Make it pretty with the circling tool, move it to the right location (easier in Potlatch 2), and tag it accordingly*

There you go, less than 10 steps! :slight_smile:

  • The ‘highway’ tag of a roundabout should have the same value as the most ‘important’ way at the roundabout. So if residential ways meet with a tertiary, the roundabout should be also tertiary. You get the idea…