How to edit to show that PUJ 2 is in Puncak Jalil

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Thanks in advance for the advice.

I have a seller that lives in PUJ 2, Puncak Jalil. PUJ 2 as a neighbourhood was missing so I added the PUJ 2 neighbourhood based on the street addresses available on OSM.

Here’s a map link to PUJ 2:

My goal is that I’m trying to make OSM queries show: PUJ 2, Puncak Jalil, Seri Kembangan.

Right now queries on OSM currently shows: PUJ 2, Seri Kembangan. Without the Puncak Jalil in the middle. I successfully managed to do this with the tag is_in:town Seri Kembangan.

I tried using the is_in:suburb Puncak Jalil but I wasn’t successful in changing the query result. Right now Puncak Jalil is on OSM as an administrative boundary, rather than a suburb area. Could this be the cause of the issue I’m facing?

Link to Puncak Jalil:

How would you get around this issue?

Thanks a lot guys! I’m still learning how to do this properly.


Currently, the is_in tag seems to be the only way. Until…

somebody who can get actual town boundary from MPJ/MPSJ. These are usually shape files already owned and in use in the local government’s office. These shape files’ coordinates usually have to be transformed to WGS84 for import into OSM. And of course, probably need explicit authorization for use in OSM, just in case. (unlike the other boundary project currently being imported, where the boundaries were just from paper maps tracing :P)

If you can jolok the State’s relevant ministry, the better. Then we can get all kind of boundaries for Selangor. There might be a slim chance, seeing that Selangor is a bit more open in this kind of open data stuff.

Have you all found this website?

Under “Lapisan Sokongan” icon, choose “Lain-Lain” then “Sempadan Bandar”. That maybe what you want.

However things in Klang valley is not as straight forward now as before. Where before you have pekan smaller than bandar, smaller than daerah. Now we have bandar/bandaraya bigger than daerah, and bandar/bandaraya going over more than one daerah.

One thing for sure, boundaries for Daerah and Mukim in Malaysia, have not changed since before merdeka. However, boundaries of Majlis Perbandaran, Majlis Bandaraya have been changing over the years.