How to edit text on popup for marker?

On the project where I am working the openstreet map is used in iframe. When I try to go to links I cannot see where to edit popup text for the marker, I can edit name and all other things except for popup.

And on other link I can’t even go to the edit mode there is no button on left side.

So, my question is how I edit those popups?
Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome to OSM. OSM is a database, therefore there are no such thing as pop-ups. Pop-ups are usually provided by a 3rd-party-framework that uses OSM-Data or maptiles created from OSM-data.
Where do you see these pop-ups?


Hi, maybe I didn’t say in correct way. I was meaning on popus when you click on marker location, is that part of OSM?

I want to change this text ‘WSJ-103 . 1 . 22’. Is that possible?

Your screenshot looks like a ‘product’ map rather than the actual data. You need to enter into ID Editor e.g. to change the value. Then it will take a little before you will see the change in the map render view, depends on the map renderer how often they refresh the data on which they build the map.

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You are using a service called uMap which is a 3rd-party product based on OSM data. I don’t use uMap but I assume somewhere in uMap you can configure which information should be displayed in the markers pop-up.


Ok I will check on uMap, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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