How to edit OpenCycleMap

Hi everybody!
I joined this comunity because i find an error in opencyclemap. So I decide to try to edit directly the map.

I follow the link (bottom-left of the page on that declare “Edit openStreetMap data here”, then i make an account and I go on the Editor. But the Editor is working on OpenStreetMaps, and here there is not the error i finded in OpenCycleMap.

So now I’m confused. First, I don’t understand how to edit openCYCLEmap. Second, why there is a link for edit openstreetmaps in It’s non sense.

I try to explain best i can. And I really want make that stupid change, because I use opencyclemap everytime I can.

The data collected and edited in OpenStreetMap is freely available and other projects use that data for their own purposes. In this case the OpenCycleMap project uses the data from OpenStreetMap. So the workflow/data flow is this:

  1. You edit the OpenStreetMap data to add or correct the bicycle related data in OpenStreetMap.

  2. Periodically (or maybe immediately depending on how they set it up) the OpenCycleMap project pulls map data from OpenStreetMap and builds their own map (and possibly other products like downloadable maps for GPS devices).

There are a pretty large number of projects that have that work flow including ones focused on public transportation, wheel chair accessibility, rock climbing, etc.

To add to n76’s answer: The reason why you cannot find the offending information on Open Street Map might be that someone else has already changed it but Open Cycle Map has just not updated its database accordingly yet. Then that will probably happen in the course of days or a few weeks. It could also be that Open Cycle Map adds some information from other sources to its maps.

If you describe in more details what you tried to change exactly we might be able to give you a more accurate answer.