How to draw text with osmarender

In order to write additional information to some nodes I need to draw text directly from the rules xml file.

Something like :


(This rule style was taken from the OpenSeaMap project)

This way I draw the default symbol and in case the node has some special data y draw the text by hand and the data from de osm file.
This feature is very used in nautical charts to identify special data from some nodes (for example ligth periods, colors, flashing pattern …etc).

The problem is that the only rule that works on my osmarender instalation is :

Looked at the osmarender wiki rule page where text rule does not even exist (tried caption rule, same result as text rule).

Managed to write text using the “OpenSeaMap text rule way” but not with osmarender, have to use or/p

Does anyone know if is possible to do this with osmarender? Maybe changing osmarender.xsl?

Time to change lots of scripts that use osmarender to use or/p ;-(