How to Download and Render Data in a special shape?

I need the data to render an image which has a special shape (rotated about 45°) how can I do this?
I use JOSM to download the date and Maperitive to render the data, but if necessary I can use other tools.

A second question:
How can i download only a certain region like a country, a city or district?

Thank you in advance.

Sounds like you’re looking for i.e. the Geofabrik-Extracts (others are listed here).

Since you’re from Mannheim I guess you want a map with Kurpfalzbrücke as North? Or what do you mean by “rotated”?

When you are from Mannheim and a German speaker: we have a high-frequent German sub-forum here …

and about rotaring a map: IIRC there was a topic at … do a search for “rotare” there.

Thank you both for your answers.

To clarify my question:
I don’t want to rotate the map (although this will lead to the same result), I want to select data in a rectangle with a certain rotation.
For example: I want to download the area along the ‘Augustaanlage’ with JOSM in this area:
I’ll waste a lot of bandwith and time with the data in lower-left und upper-right corner, because they are not necessary. So it would be great to be able to select a region which is parallel to road.

Geofabrik looks great and this will be of great use. But does anyone know how I can do this by myself? Because it would be nice to have data for only a certain city to create a map for OSMand.

Yeah, asking this question in the german subforum would be easier for me, but now I’ll finish this here ; )

It’s not possible to select a boundingbox other than by left/top/right/bottom-Values, no. It is possible to select an area for a OverpassAPI-Query, but I’m not sure if that would require an Object in OSM, and the following is likely more suitable for your usecase anyway:

You can extract the data inside a polygon from a OSM-File using osmconvert.
This would require to download i.e. an Geofabrik-Extract which completely covers your area (for Mannheim “Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe”, if you also want a section of Ludwigshafen you would either need whole Germany or merge the files for BW and RP). While downloading you would create a *.poly-File (using the poly-Plugin for JOSM).

That’s basicly how I prepare the data for my OsmAnd-Files :wink:

Hello Christian,

Maybe try the JOSM plugin “DownloadAlong” … see

To get data for specific cities, you could try these Metro Extracts:

OK, this answers my questions. This are some nice ideas.
Thank you all!