How to donate money

Hi, I am incredibly grateful for all the amazing services provided by OSM, and in particular the UMap site which I’m using for project work.

Each year our company gives money to good causes. How can I donate to OSM in a way that explicitly recognises my appreciation of the UMap service?



It’s great to hear that OSM and uMap are useful to you and that you want to give back. :+1:

See for opportunities to support OpenStreetMap as a whole. A company can also support the project by becoming a corporate member. Both of these go through the international OpenStreetMap Foundation.

However, the popular uMap site you’re linking to is hosted by the French local chapter as far as I know. So maybe you want to support them directly as a thank you for providing that service:

I’m not sure if the developers of the uMap software also welcome donations, maybe they can chime in if that is an option.


Thanks very much @Tordanik, I will try to contact the French local chapter and if I can’t get through I will donate via the standard route or as a corporate member.

Update to this; they have pointed me in the direction of their donation page here.

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