how to divide a gpx track in parts / how to unfollow gpx track?

Hello all,

I have two questions regarding the use of gpx-tracks in the newest Osmand+ version:

  1. I can not seem to choose the option to navigate/calculate only a part of a previously uploaded track. I use this to calculate and divide the track of long-distance routes it into parts I can do per day.

Before, this was possible: by choosing a start- and endpoint and then use the option “navigate along gpx track”.
Now I seem to only get a calculation/navigation of the gpx track as a whole, which does not help me.

  1. Once a gpx track chosen, I cannot “unchoose” the option “gpx track” in the same navigation. I can choose another gpx track, but I cannot “unchoose” to use a gpx track.

Can anyone help me further?

Thank you in advance for our reply!

Hi, maybee someone can help here, but the primary contact woud be the provider = Osmand in this case. OSM does only povide the database they use…