How to display hebrew characters?

as a newbie (just got my garmin eTrex Vista HCx 2 weeks ago) I managed to download the Israel map from, converted the OSM file to a Garmin IMG by using mkgmap.jar (java -ea -jar --tdbfile mkgmap.jar ).
If loaded to my Garmin, all hebrew tags are displayed als ???.
I assume this is a very basic mistake I made;
who can help?


I think you have to give it a code page number using the appropriate option:


but I have no idea what codepage you need to use. It might be 1255 according to this:


I had similar problem with my Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. It appears that it doesn’t support Hebrew at all, so I use the English names instead:

is ther a similar way how to process maps to get an insraeli map in OSM tiles format with english names only (like this with English on) ? i am leaving for israel tomorrow and I planned to load an israeli map to my android phone, so I tried different softwares (i dont know of any commercial one that support Israel tbh) and ended up with OSM (RMaps and Maveric), but the hebrew-only map is still a bit difficult to navigate