How to denote bicycles for hire/"boris bikes"

In the UK (and other countries) there are now various schemes where you can hire bikes (usually by the hour) from stands located at various points in the city (for example

Currently, most of these locations are tagged as “Bicycle Parking” however given that a) you’re not technical allowed to park your own bicycle in the space and b) I think it would be great if this guide of amenity would be easier to locate (they’re very popular with tourists) I was thinking we should have a different tag for these features?

What are your thoughts?

We have the tag amenity=bicycle_rental for places, where you can rent bicycles. The icon on the map differs from bicycle_parking.

That explains it; I was looking in Types under the Parking top level Feature. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

Cycle Hire schemes have been mapped on OSM for a long time. Contributor Oliver O’Brien even has a minor speciality in producing maps of them!