How to define an area ?

Can someone tell me how to define an area or where to find explicit instructions on how to do it ? I’ve been to but that doesn’t tell me how to do it nor does the link contained in that section.

I have an area which is a dog training ground. I’ve walked round it and uploaded the track to the database and traced a closed way round the training ground. However, I can’t see how to define this as an area (e.g. with an appropriate tag) so that it is filled by a renderer.


just put area=yes as a tag (not really needed but it can help) and see to it that it’s starts and ends on the same node.

You can only get supported tags to render though… :-/

Thanks for this.

Does “You can only get supported tags to render, though” mean that this won’t render ?


Most features listed at Map Features get rendered. You may find the proposed feature sport=dog_training interesting.

  • I most certainly did. Thank you.

I did a post about this there you can read the stylesheets for all renders if you want to know what is rendered atm.

Excellent. I’m beginning to get it. Thanks.