How to deal with folks mapping "disused railway" ontop of existing road?

Reference changeset here for an example:

Noticed that someone has been tagging the paths of railways that existed probably 100 years ago in these locations, but have no visual indicator (other than historical maps and such) that they were there in 99% of cases. User in question has added quite a few in the area recently if you look at their other changesets, and it can give an inaccurate perception that a railway (or at least a ruin of one) are in these locations. Should these be removed/reverted? They made comment in one changeset that it’s “for Open Railway Map” - are completely demolished historical rail lines an acceptable addition to the map for this purpose? I’m unaware so I figured I’d ask.

First of all, be nice - say “hello and welcome”. It’s only their 6th changeset so it would be a bit remiss to say anything before saying that. I’m absolutely sure that I hadn’t got the hang of things in my 6th ever edit.

I’d introduce them to the large thread here (either at the top or the summary) where they can read about the various points of view on either side of the argument.

Beyond the “does it belong in OSM or OHM” question though I suspect is a bit of a tagging faux pas - this way has been added as railway=disused which I suspect is very unlikely, given that it is also a road. This means some rework is definitely necessary, even if what they’re trying to add to OSM makes sense here (which to be honest I very much doubt).

If an old railway is changed to a highway, for example cycleway, I add, besides the cycleway tags, also the ‘was:railway’ tag.