How to create own map for Thailand

That’s a shame - I would have thought it would be a pretty popular area


The coastline does not work correctly with mkgmap. In the mkgmap mailing list, the “precompiled sea” is an important topic since several weaks (or already months?). Consequently I decided not to generate sea, but to use a thick coastline instead.

bin\osmosis -v --rb .\asia.osm.pbf --bb left=89.93408 bottom=0.28564 right=105.71045 top=20.73557  --wb malaysiaThailandSingapore.pbf


Aye sorry guys, I just ran out of spare time to maintain the update every day.

I’ve just run through the process of downloading Asia from geofabrik and Osmosis’ing it to produce a map of just Thailand.
Then downloading the dailies and updating it.
Wow what a pita that is (the update stage anyway)

This process seems to be getting harder as time goes on, when really it should be getting easier :frowning:
In the “good old days” when I could WGET the whole of TL in one go from the API, it used to take me about 15 minutes to produce a map of Thailand, including download times.
More like 6 hours now.
Really surprised that Geofabrik offer Vietnam but not TL as a separate download.

My internet in Chiang Mai is not too bad, ~3mbits so I think I’ll stick to downloading the Asia file once a week, extracting Thailand and using that.

Just some thoughts about it:

Maybe ask for a TL-extract.

Download asia.osm.pbf once and then update your local extract each day or each week. This decrease traffic enormously.

TL Extract has been asked for, but they basically said no.
Weekly update would be the best solution, but afaik minute, hour and day are the only change files I can find:

Shame the API limits the BB now, leaving many people with the only option to DL the whole planet.
I would think that would cause an increase in traffic, traffic being my assumption as to the reason of the API BB limit.

It’s still an awesome project and one I’m very happy to have been involved with for some time.
Does seem like we have taken some backward steps recently though…

you can get huge areas from overpass.

Fetching data from a read-only mirror is a lot better than slowing down the editing API.

For the extract as PBF, what area is required? Only Thailand? How often does it need to be updated?

If it won’t eat up too many resources I can host it on my server…