How to create journeys from OSM tracks?

I love driving through beautiful natural landscape and I love mapping.

During the process of creating tracks/roads based on available Bing imagery, I discover some amazing places. Many of these places are as yet unmapped on OSM for India.

How can I take these tracks and use them for navigating me to these locations for the love of the drive, photography, as well as for ground level data collection? Any suggestions?

I have a Blackberry Z10 (I know, I know…). I also have a Suunto Ambit which is capable of Navigating once fed with a track.

your question is not fully clear to me. I assume you want to get a gpx track to feed to your devices, right?

You can manually (semi-manually - with routing - one some) draw a journey based on OSM maps: Track_drawing_websites If you want it very simple try pifpafpuf. If you want it more feature-rich (with optional routing) use gpsies (no registration needed for this function and offers optional aerial imagery [by here/nokia], which may be useful if you really want to make a journey to unmapped places). Be sure to not use the here/nokia aerial imagery for OSM mapping.

If you want it more automatic - with full routing, look at List_of_OSM_based_Services#Routing (many of the outdoor routing pages offer a gpx export of a journey).

Thanks. You understood correctly! Let me try these…

Oh, and to to forget (if it should be something for OSM mappers): you can use our editor JOSM to draw journeys (with any background you like - no routing, of course). Use a data new layer, put a bing or mapnik layer into the background, draw and save as gpx track (file menu). Not easy to people not using JOSM for editing anyway. But very easy if you use it usually. Of course, private journeys should not be uploaded to OSM!

Thanks. I am looking into it now…

I created a track using JOSM, exported a .gpx and Suunto MovesCount rejected it :frowning: