How to create an Map?

due some copyright issues I have to make my own map. The Data I need got it from that Company.
Country Shape is open Data.

But how to import it somewhere an make an interactive map out?

Have you looked at ?

Sorry i dont understand what you mean with?

That’s a link to a server where you can download OSM data, but it won’t tell you how to process the data…
better look at:

Be warned though, it’s not going to be easy…

again i dont want OSM Data I have to use my own Data.

I know, the links in my reply will provide you with information on how to create a “slippy map” from your own data.

I know but without OSM Maps?
The Copy Right are very stricks. I am not allowed to give the GPS Data to any other People or Company.

The info explains it briefly using OSM, but you don’t have to use OSM data (replace it with your own), and the tools don’t require you to make your data public.
You won’t find a complete and simple step-by-step tutorial though; you will have to find out yourself…

How can I create an Map?! I have only the GPS Points. I never do it and i need it very fast. For the Project Maps are very important.

It takes time to learn; better hire someone who can do it for you.

How to learn when there are no information? I am spinning around because I must compare information for the Project.
It must be finish soon and i have no idea who i can install an “Ubuntu Linux” or what i need for.

I warned you it wasn’t going to be easy…

You could try a commercial solution like Mapbox:

sorry i have no permission to upload the data!
I can only create an Map. Export or using as an Image Map Based system is no problem.

Other commercial options are listed at , including a couple based in Germany (from your other posts I’m guessing you’re in Austria, so they should quite literally speak your language). Also see (a much longer list).

Andere Handelsoptionen bei aufgeführt sind, darunter ein Paar mit Sitz in Deutschland (von Ihrem anderen Beiträgen Ich vermute, Sie in Österreich sind, so sollten sie ganz wörtlich sprechen Ihre Sprache). Siehe auch (eine viel längere Liste).

so please dont use google translate when you not understand the other language.
I cant give the data to other companys. how many times i have to repeate it?

Well, can you tell us what kind af data you want to visualize? Points, lines, polygons? How many of them? Is it a complete map, or just some items on a map?

You might use a mapping framework like , but the number of elements you can put on a map is limited.

When you want a full-fledged map, you will have to look into products like Esri ArcGIS for Server: (it’s not going to be cheap though)

Lines for example.
for example the Shape of an District are Open Data:
Other Data not.

sorry the are non local products.

I say it again and again and again i cant upload any data to an server ok?!

How many?

When it’s more like this I’m afraid it’s going to be too much for a client side solution; you definitely need a server solution (hold your breath… yes, I wrote “server”, but read on)

Yes, you made your point. Esri ArcGIS for Server is software meant to be run on your own or your company’s hardware; you don’t have to share your data with someone else.

Hi Boy2006,
to ask detailled questions the Austrian (or even better but much less preferred by you, the German board) would be the better starting points.

As JaVaWa explained there is no easy way. You have to learn a lot about operating system, applications and programming.

In German:
Deine Frage ist in englisch missverständlich gestellt. Das österreichische (oder von dir wenig bevorzugte deutsche Forum) währen ein besserer Ansatzpunkt.

Wie bereits erklärt gibt es keinen einfachen Weg. Die genannten Links gehen in die richtige Richtung, dazu gehört Wissen über Betriebssysteme, Anwendungen und Programmierkenntnisse, welche du dir aneignen werden musst.