How to create a track

I need to add multiple stop locations inside a town.

The Town has lots of oneways so to plan them out better I wish for a program that takes my start point and end point.
Than a give a list of stops that I need to make no order required and the program creates the shortest rout to them. is this possible? and if yes how and what to use?

I guess few people can make any sense of your post, sorry. Can you clarify please? :wink:

I know no good Programm… maybe

If multiple is lower than 9 then you can just use Gosmore + Openstreetmap data, and then do a calculation for all possible orders you can. If every calculation takes ~0.1 second you can do it in 10 hours. Doublinfg the computers you use to calculate will half the time it takes to calculate.


in this case 9!*(0.1/1) or with 11 stops and ten computers: 14!*(0.1/10) (about 5 days).