How to create a new Community?

Hello all,
I am one of those many people who are making an effort to make better maps of Cuba. I am happy to see how it is improving day by day with the help of others.
I wish to create a new community for Cuba mappers, how can this be done?
Any help will be greately appreciated!

One starting point can be the OSM wiki about

ant how to find active mappers near you:

If you would like to get a subcategory in this forum for users from Cuba, you can ask Lambertus to create one or post in the “Feedback” category.

Hello MHohmann,
That’s exactly what I had in mind, get a subcategory in the forum for Cuba users…thanks for your tip

Stephan75, thanks also for your tips, I discovered a new feature for me: Who’s around me!

All the best!