How to create a map tile from OpenStreetMap offline?

How to create a map tile from OpenStreetMap offline, and display it on Android?
I want to display a simple standalone map using OpenStreetMap. I cannot find the right tools for creating map sheets on the Internet and use them to display maps in Android. I would also like to integrate images from OpenStreetMap using JOSM, but I don’t know if I can use it on Android.
Can I use Mapnik?

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You’ve got a few options - in several broad areas:

  1. Raster Map tiles like the ones you currently see at
  2. Vector Map tiles (various different types)
  3. Formats designed to work with particular applications such as OsmAnd.

Creating tiles in format (1) is probably pretty well-documented - see e.g. . Unfortunately the tiles you get from that aren’t well suited for Android as you get lots of very small files. is a very simple example that I wrote ages ago to show how to do this - I’m sure that you could adapt that for Android and for recent Leaflet versions. Of course, if what you actually want to do is to create some map tiles, display they in a PC web browser, take a PC screenshot and use that in an Android app as a resource then that’ll work fine. Also consider maybe Maperitive, TileMill, etc. for this.

Vector tiles (2) won’t suffer from the “lots of small tiles” issue in the same way, but I’m not aware of good “soup to nuts” documentation that will get you a working solution. Suppliers include Mapbox and .

The only example of (3) that I’m familiar with is OsmAnd. For small areas, it works well and is easy to use. If you want to create a map from OSM-format data for OsmAnd you can do that using “OsmAndMapCreator”. If you just want to slightly change the look and feel of an existing OsmAnd map then you can do that too - here’s a diary entry I wrote about that earlier: .

Also look at MapsForge, which is a long-standing format suitable for android.

There are also some other links at which might be useful - that mentions some other frameworks as well.