How to create a list of boundary changes Europe

What would be the best approach for creating a list (with details) and a visual comparison of boundary changes on province and county admin levels? Specifically asking for European coverage and time periods 2015 and today.

Questions I have:

  1. Where/how to download the 2015 boundaries dataset?
  2. Which tool to use to do the actual comparison, which can also export the boundary changes?

Regular OSM is the wrong place to look for actual historical data. What you will find here is the history of the object in OSM which is -not- the same thing.

You may have better luck with OpenHistoricalMap.

Thanks Simon, I’ve looked into your suggestion. Unfortunately, a lot of EU countries don’t have regions mapped in OpenHistoricalMap for 2015. E.g. France none, Netherlands only Limburg.

Any other suggestion? Including tools I could use?