How to create a custom "POI Type" with user-defined tags in OsmAnd

How can I create a new “POI Type” (aka “Category”) in OsmAnd by typing the OSM tags that I want to query for?

When creating a new “POI Type” in OsmAnd, the UX lets you choose from a bunch of pre-existing categories, and filtering some metadata about those categories. But what I want to do is search by OSM tag name & value.

For example, I’m trying to buy a zipper. On OsmAnd, the closest thing to “a store that sells zippers” that I can find in the “Categories” section of POIs is “Drapery Store”. But I’m not sure if a store that sells curtains is going to sell zippers.

If I check the OSM wiki, then I see that there’s a sewing shop that could be tagged in a number of ways:

  1. shop=sewing
  2. shop=fabric
  3. shop=wool
  4. shop=craft
  5. shop=haberdashery
  6. craft=sewing

I recently learned that, in fact, a “Drapery store” in OsmAnd is merely just

  • shop=fabric

…therefore, I think I’m missing all of the other tags, such as

  • shop=sewing

What I want to do is to define my own Category using tags, such that one category will include all nodes that have any of the above tags.

But I’m not asking specifically about my query with the drapery store and the finite list of tags enumerated above. I’m asking a more general question:

How can I create a new “POI Type” (or “Category”) in OsmAnd by directly defining the tags from the actual OSM dataset?

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I suspect that the to “how do I find out how OsmAnd handles that now” is “look at the code” or “ask the developers”.

If anyone had wanted to provide a better answer, I suspect that they would have provided it by now.

Aside from OsmAnd, there are mobile editors that allow you to specify your own tags (Vespucci springs to mind as one, but I am sure there are other options).

For searching, Overpass is somewhat usable on mobile.