How to correctly add a cycle path adjacent to a road.


I am new to OSM. I am trying to add/update some cycle paths that run adjacent to roads. I would like to know what is the correct thing to do when the cycle path crosses a side road which joins the main road that the cycle path runs adjacent to. Should there be a node where the cycle path and the side road cross or not? Also if the cycle path crosses a larger road (eg when there might even be a traffic island in the middle, and the route might be staggered) how much detail should you do for the cycle path.

A couple of other questions, How do you correctly extend an existing line (eg partial cycle path) that someone else has already entered but is incomplete.

Also, I have entered some edits today and they don’t show up in the map, only on the edit screen. The help pages and documentation I have read suggest they should show up “within minutes”. Is there a longer lag time? When will I know if I have done it right?

Many thanks for your patience with a newbie!


whenever 2 ways cross at the same level there has to be a node. Only when there is a bridge or a tunnel ways can intersect without nodes.
It’s up to you to decide how much detail you want to add. Another mapper can always add more details later.

I assume you are using iD, so I can’t help you with your question on extending an existing way. however, I believe that I saw the same question on

Many people have asked the question on “not showing up”. It depends on the time (render server busy), the map (cycle layer is slower e.g.), the zoomlevel, etc. Another factor is the browser cache. However, I hope that the map is updated for you now.