How to - convert map for using in garmin mapsource


is it possible to use the map for Garmin Mapsource? If yes can someone please tell me how?


This page has instructions for how to convert OSM maps into Garmin format:

The easiest option would be download some pre made maps, see this page:
It lists which ones include a Mapsource installer. There’s several that include Edinburgh, most have a much wider area as well.

I recommend this website:
Just pick the tiles you want, fill in your email address, and a link to a Mapsource installer will be sent to you.

download area as an osm file by clicking on Export.

then using mkgmap convert it into an img file and using mapsettoolkit export it to mapsource - not straightforward

I’ve tried to automate the process as much as possible by creating a GUI at

Thank you very much!!!