How to combine ways help please

I am having problems combining ways where complex ways meet to form a single way. See this eg where there are several spurs to a single road/way. JOSM won’t let me combine them and I can’t work out a way in Potlatch.

Advice will be appreciated - thanks.

I’m not sure you can actually do what you’re proposing, although I would love someone to say that you can!

I think you have to do what’s been done for Frensham Way and simply tag all the individual ways the same.

It’s not possible to form complex ways. A way in OSM is a linear sequence of nodes - no junctions, T-shapes etc. allowed.

Yes, that’s the solution. Of course, only tag them the same if they actually are the same. Just because they have the same name doesn’t mean they have identical widths, surfaces or even access rights, too.

Many thanks for the speedy & useful reply, as always. I’m just curious to know why this street doesn’t render at all levels of zoom despite having been done on 7th Jan - 2 weeks ago?