How to check relations

I’m relatively new to relations. Now I’ve mapped some turn restrictions and I think, they’re correct, but I’d like to verify that. I went to Unfortunately, it says:

which is far too old. So what I need is some possibility to test the new turn restrictions with a routing software. Can you tell me some good alternatives?

Thank you in advance!

You can try

some other services are also available, but you have to pay attention to the date of routing data and whether it can compute tturn restrictions.

If you even use the offline editor JOSM, there is a user-friendly plugin to create and verify turn-restrictions.

Have a look at JOSM Plugin Graphview for checking before uploading.

Hello sky-tracker,

I’ve corrected your restrictions because the street was not split at the via-node. And I also changed the no_left_turn to only_straight_on because in germany they use blue signs with white arrows (permissive) and not the white/red/black signs (restrictive) like in the UK. Coming from the south you cannot turn right at the via node as the blue sign no_left_turn has suggested because there is no road.


Thank you for correcting my mistakes! I didn’t know, that ways have to be splitted at the via node. In this case it would have been unambiguously, anyway. But now that you wrote it, i noticed that the Wiki-page says the same. So thanks for teaching me.