How to change view for single point/vertex?

Hi I have questions how can I change visualization for color and size points/vertex, now they are small and yellow, and I want to create new peaks, which I will do on open topo map. Yellow smal points are not visible on that map.

Thanks in advance for help.

Peaks are nodes tagged with natural=peak - see Tag:natural=peak - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I know this.

But the color of node in JOSm is yellow. and when you click one by one node by node, on white image of open topo map you are not see added nodes.

So it would be great to change color for nodes.

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If you want to map missing peaks then create a new node and set tags on it.

Does the documentation at help at all?


The color of nodes in JOSM can quite easily be changed through the Preferences dialog (Edit - Preferences - Color). If you’re using the default Map Paint Style, the color of the nodes can be changed from yellow under:
Paint Style JOSM default (MapCSS): node_connection
Paint Style JOSM default (MapCSS): node_standard.

If you’re using another Map Paint Style, try looking for “Node: connection” and “Node: standard”.

If you want to change other properties of the node (size, fill, etc.) the documentation SomeoneElse suggested above should help.


this is it.

its working, thanks, I am new in JOSM so it is still lot of questions in my head.